10 ways SketchFlow can benefit you

Na portálu Microsoft Silverlight, na stránce „Silverlight Team Blog“, byl 31. Března 2009 opublikován zajímavý článek, přibližující stručně MS Expression Sketchflow, který je součástí Expression Studio Ultimate. Článek vyšel pod názvem: "SketchFlow: Rapid prototyping that works". Vysvětluje: co je to Sketchflow, jaký přínos představuje pro  uživatele a jak SketchFlow pracuje. Článek uzavírá přehled 10-ti způsobů, jak může být SketchFlow užitečný.  Článek najdete na TÉTO adrese:
( http://team.silverlight.net/tips-and-training/sketchflow-rapid-prototyping-that-works/).
Na téže adrese si můžete spustit „ Arturo’s introductory video“.  "To see SketchFlow in action and better visualize the way SketchFlow can help you in your development cycle."
Titulky z obsahu článku:
„What is SketchFlow? How does it help me? How does SketchFlow work?"
10 ways SketchFlow can benefit you

- Rapidly create multiple conceptual ideas, saving time and money in the early stages of a project.
- Pitch for projects that previously would not have been cost effective to approach.
- Delight clients with the speed and quality of the interactive and dynamic prototypes you canpresent to them.
- SketchFlow enables you to highlight navigation and application flow issues early in thedevelopment cycle helping you and the client save time and money.
- Traditionally prototypes are redundant after the concept phase and discarded. SketchFlowenables you to leverage all the assets and resources you created. In some cases you can evenuse the SketchFlow prototype as the starting point for your production project.
- Rapidly evolve prototypes by utilizing the full functionality of Expression Blend 3. There is no limitto the scope of a prototype. From a simple wireframe to examples that are fully data driven andhigh fidelity, a prototype can be as real as a project or client demands.
- Empower your client. Their ability to feedback immediately via the SketchFlow player enables theclient to feel an integral part of the process. This ensures the rapid iteration of ideas and avaluable open two way dialog between you and your client.
- The flexible workflow of Expression Blend and Visual Studio enable you to extract the bestperformance from a team with everyone continuously working to their respective strengths.
- Deliver compelling, cutting edge solutions, in rapid time and on budget to your clients.
- Have fun! Experiment, explore, iterate and retain control of your vision, from concept to