SketchFlow from a developer point of view

Velmi povedený dvoudílný článek přibližující možnosti využití produktu MS SketchFlow ( součást Expression Studio Ultimate ) z pohledu vývojářů. Článek byl o publikován ( 7. 2010 ) na portálu Silverline Show ( www.silverlightshow.net  ). Autorem článku je Braulio Diez.
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Why should I care?
Sketchflow what does it offer?
Step 0: Dear Client
Step 2: Hold on let me show you how to create visual feedback
Step 3: I need more fidelity
Step 4: What about special animations
Step 5: Uh ! Do you want to see how does it work with a real custom control?
Step 6: Test Data plus Behaviors
Step 7: Do we agree? Let’s sign off a formal document
Step 8: From Sketchflow to production
Step 9: What about other tools?
Závěr článku:
In this article we have learned how important is to build prototypes at early stages of a project life cycle, and what powerful tools offers to us Expression Blend Sketchflow. Let’s summarized what we have learned:
- Sketchflow provide us with a quick and dirty way to build a prototype using just hand drawn sketches.
- We learn How to build a page by using sketched controls and reusable components.
- How to simulate complex interactions (animations, behaviors…).
- How to add real data to our prototype.
- How to integrate custom controls.
- Which other tools are available in the market and why Sketchflow can be the recommended one for Silverlight / WPF targeted developments.“