Key areas where Deep Zoom Composer can be used

Three key scenarios
Deep Zoom can be used in many different areas, but there are three key scenarios where Deep Zoom is particularly useful. Source of the text: MSDN.

- Exploration of Very Large or High Resolution Images: A classic example of this would be zooming in on parts of a large map to see different levels of detail and then, using the mouse, moving your view around the map surface. As the user moves their view, animations are used to give the user the impression that they are "moving" from one place to the other on the image. Another example would be exploring a professional photo composition made up of high-resolution pictures.
- 3-D Photography: Take pictures of a room, one after the other, creating a collection of photos that make up a 360 degree picture of the room. Now the user can pan around the room with each photo blending into the other.
- Advertisements: You could create a relatively low-resolution image to represent the overall theme of the ad, and then have progressively higher resolution images containing more impressions and data about the product. When the page the ad is embedded in first loads, the ad smoothly sharpens and draws the attention of the reader by loading subsequently higher resolution images. Since the ad progressively loads, it does not significantly impact the user's overall experience of the site. In addition, if the user's mouse enters the ad, different parts of the ad can zoom in.