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Na stránce tohoto weblogu jsem se již několikrát zmínil o knize Chrise Leedse s výše uvedeným názvem. Knihu vydal Microsoft Press. Objevil jsem ji zatím pouze v angličtině. ( Kniha věnovaná verzi 2 Expression web vyšla i v češtině ). S využitím vybraných částí textu knihy jsem sestavil tuto recenzi.
Microsoft Expression Web 4 is the newest Web editing and management application from Microsoft  It is a professional design tool used to create modern, standards-based sites that  deliver superior quality on the Web.  Expression Web 4 includes features that help ensure your output adheres to World Wide  Web Consortium (W3C) validity standards, and that help you to cleanly separate content  from presentation by taking advantage of the functionality and capabilities of cascading style sheets (CSS). Expression Web helps you to easily use some of the features that ASP NET offers, specifcally, ASP NET Master Pages, Navigation Controls, and Data Controls  It’s refreshing that tools with this type of power are available in a user-friendly designer-centric application  like Expression Web 4 as opposed to being limited to programm

What’s New in Expression Web  4
 SuperPreview Online Service 
The Microsoft Expression Web SuperPreview online service is a beta service that extends the capability of SuperPreview to include support for additional browsers and operating systems  For example, you can preview your pages in Apple Safari running on an OSX system “in the cloud ”
-  SEO Checker 
The SEO Checker feature of Expression Web analyzes your site against the best practices for getting the highest possible search engine rankings for your site  You can choose SEO options, display an SEO report, flter the results in the SEO report, and step forward and back through the list of results in the SEO report to see more detail for individual list items

Code Samples
Most of the chapters in this book include exercises that let you interactively try out new
material learned in the main text  All sample projects are available for download from the
book’s page on the Web site for the Microsoft publishing partner, O’Reilly Media:

Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Understanding How Expression Web 4 Works
Chapter 2. Capitalizing on Expression Web 4 Functionality
Chapter 3. Capitalizing on the Template Options in Expression Web 4
Chapter 4. It’s All About Content
Chapter 5. Understanding Validity and Accessibility
Chapter 6. Creating a Web Site from Scratch
Chapter 7. Adding Client-Side Functionality
Chapter 8. Adding Functionality with jQuery and PHP
Chapter 9. Adding Functionality with ASP.NET and AJAX
Chapter 10. Managing and Publishing Your Work

Use SEO Reports
Last segment of this book explains the newest feature in Expression  Web 4: Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this book, you can see several reports that are available in Expression Web 4, but the SEO Reports feature is new and unique among HTML editors The SEO Reports feature enables designers and developers to give a sort of “prefight” inspection to their sites and pages from a perspective of attaining the highest possible Search Engine Results Page position (SERP).

Who Is This Book For?
This book is intended for existing or new Web designers  Although the book intends to provide lessons to new Web designers, experienced practitioners will be able to quickly gain familiarity with the Expression Web 4 user interface and features,

 Arnost Katolický, 31. 3.2011. (Using selected parts of the text from the book.)